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Food: Make a Positive Impact on Body and World

Food Standards are not to be taken lightly. How food is grown, where it comes from, and how it is packaged, are all major factors in determining the health effects on both your body and the planet. Practices such as factory farming and fishing are all at once creating cruelty to animals, massive imbalance of ecosystems, and an array of human health issues. One of the best ways to make a difference on both body and world at once is buying less meat/animal products, or no animal products at all, as well as buying from certified-organic suppliers with rigorous quality standards-testing. While added hormones and antibiotics are a huge reason to care about organics in meat and dairy, genetic engineering in fruits, grains, and vegetables is also a substantial threat. GMOs and the harmful chemicals used in non-organic farming are linked to rising food allergies, reproductive disorders, digestive issues, hormone disruption, birth defects and disease in humans; Additionally, the wind's natural displacement of patented GMO seeds can cause unintended contamination and life-ruining lawsuits for organic farmers. Finally, shop Local and Fair Trade products to ensure that the companies you are voting for are taking care of their employees (the way you expect to be taken care of by your employer).

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Ensures that the way your food is made is a fair and equitable work-environment for all involved. Ethics are involved in every purchase you make - pick the products that take the time to label with this certification.

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Ensures your food is grown (or raised) without the use of harsh chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, growth hormones, and genetically-modified ingredients = Good physiologically and environmentally.



Even organics can involve several factors such as excessive water usage & processing that add to global emissions. Eliminating or reducing foods such as animal products is a massive way to reduce your personal emissions and to vote for (or show the demand for) more sustainable alternatives.

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