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Carbon Emissions: Image

When left unchecked, greenhouse gas emissions cause catastrophic climate changes. This diminishes our ability to not only thrive, but to live on Earth. Carbon emissions do this by means of a 'biological positive feedback'; Essentially, this is when the effects of one disturbance cause a reaction akin to that which caused the initial disturbance (thus repeating the process in a cycle) - that is what happens when our atmosphere gets weaker and the Earth gets warmer. Reversing this feedback loop will take huge global efforts.

riding a bike


Walk, ride your bike, take public transport, and when you can - invest in an electric vehicle. How far, how frequent, and how sustainably are you traveling? Are you leaving lights and appliances on or plugged in; are you blasting your air conditioning all day? Use less energy, and when you can, invest in sustainable means of generating it.

T Shirt Hangers


Your closet speaks a lot about you: keep your fashion ethical by selecting more 'timeless staples' and less 'fast fads'. Additionally, assess the sustainability of the actual materials (bamboo is a very sustainable fabric)!

Green Buildings


Let's face it: Each and every purchase we make is a vote for what is produced (and how) tomorrow. Pick products and services that respect people, animals, communities and the environment: check for organic & fair-trade certification, choose less plastic (or none), and make sure you really will need what you are buying.

Carbon Emissions: What We Do
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